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Moving to GitHub
11/02 - 2017 Blog

The RSS Bandit code and tickets have moved over toGitHub( Please join us there at our new home.

The RSS Bandit project is largely dormant, but there are a few minor updates that I'm aiming to do in the near-future:

  • Fix the Hi DPI issues when running on high resolution screens. This currently results in either fonts being too small, being blurry, or both.
  • Update to the latest .NET Framework runtimes
  • Distribute via the Windows Store as a Centennial application


Next step - Iceman
1/09 - 2013 Blog

Long time I did not had the time or internal readiness to continue coding any RSS Bandit feature or bugfix.There were alsoeventsin the pastregardingmy healthwhich preventeda deeperinvolvement with theproject other than manage the site itself and keepconnected with the codebase itself.

But there are some big events in the past likedead of the Google Readerand...

Iceman Changes and Fixes
1/09 - 2013 Change Log

Bug fixes:

  • #1426Embedded browser display a page in "IE compatibility mode"
  • #1423Adding a feed through IE9 returns "Permission Denied": applied the provided patch with some modifiactions because of the changed code base
  • #1422RSS Bandit is crashing
  • #1394 #1407Lock obtain time out in lucene index
  • #1342No "Browsing area" (64bit...
CMS updated to version 1.3
8/08 - 2013 Blog

Just migrated ourCMSto the newerversion 1.3: no problem so far. Feel free to report any issue you have with the site as a comment below! Thanks.

Technical Support / Reporting Bugs
2/03 - 2012 Contact

The best place to get technical support from the developers and experienced users of RSS Bandit is our support and problem tracker at To reduce abuse from spammers, we might require you to create an account to be able to post to the forums. Urgent requests might be sent also by mail

If you've found a software bug and want to report it directly to the development team, please use ourIssue Tracker at GitHub. Suggestions for new features should be filed in our tracker at 

Dare talks about Metro style apps taking advantage of SSO, and Bandit
28/10 - 2011 Blog

Project lead Dareposted:a Video of his talk “Powering your app with Live Services” from Microsoft BUILD conference nowavailable. He also talks about his experiences with Windows Application development related to RSS Bandit. Nice to see you live, Dare!

Sources, Patches, Participate
30/08 - 2011 Development

Please visit the project development page at (GitHub).

Old location: sourceforge:

User Discussion Forum moved to
2/09 - 2010 Blog

Because of the ongoing SPAM flooding, maintenance time and other related issues we gave up hosting our own forum software and moved to use the sourceforge forum located at (was yet active the recent years, but rarely used).

The links at our site are switched to point to the new location, the old software is not active anymore - sorry. Thanks to all users supporting other users by answering questions! We are in hope this will be continued...

RSS Bandit v1.9.0.1002 Release
4/07 - 2010 Release Notes

Torsten and I have been busy working on the rewriting the RSS Bandit UI usingWindows Presentation Foundation (WPF)  and moving to a ribbon based model. We've had to quickly take a break to fix a problem caused byrecent changes in how Google Reader handles authenticated requests from client applicationswhich stopped the synchronization between Google Reader and RSS Bandit.

That problem is fixed with the new release and we've added a little present for Windows 7 users as well.

Download it from 

Google Reader integration broken - new release coming in the next few days
27/06 - 2010 Blog

A number of customers have pointed out that Google Reader integration with RSS Bandit has stopped working due torecent changes in how Google Reader authentication works. I'm currently working on a fix and expect a notification about a new release within the next 2 - 3 days. I apologize to our users for this interruption of service. 

PS: We are aware of the problems people are having logging in to theRSS Bandit forum and we're working with our web hosting service to address the problems as quickly as possible.